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Capabilities and Infrastructure


Our Capabilities

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Having experience of over 50 years in the design and manufacturing of premium Fluid Conveyance Products, aided by the latest CAD technology, we are able to convert ideas into prototypes within a matter of days. Our knowledgeable team works alongside customers to refine the design and meet world-class quality and performance standards. Our versatile range of machinery and skilled manpower allows us to optimize the process flow of the component in order to offer the shortest lead time and lowest cost.

We enjoy continually making small improvements to the process and eliminating bottlenecks to achieve Global Optima. We re-invest majority of our annual profits to expand our manufacturing footprint. In addition to our in house facilities, we have a established network of reliable vendor partners who complement our capabilities and help us achieve Quality Beyond Compare.

We welcome our customers for plant visits and external audits.

We are running 3 shifts (24 Hours) with a total of 140 employees as of 1st June, 2021.


Our Machinery Includes:

  • CNC Turning Centers (14)

  • Automats (8)

  • Horizontal Bandsaws (2)

  • Shot Blasting Machines

  • Vertical & Horizontal Drilling Machines (5)

  • Tapping Machine

  • Power Press

  • Centerless Grinder

  • Thread Roll Machine (2)

  • Nut Crimping Machine

  • Wire lock Assembly Machine

  • Deburring & Finishing Machines

  • Tool Room - Conventional Lathe, milling cum Turning Center, Surface Grinder

  • Hose Assembly - Crimping Machine, Hose Cutting Machine

  • Semi-Automatic Plating Plant

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Quality Assurance Facilities

Fully Equipped Lab for Plating Quality Assurance - Surface Coating Thickness Tester, Hull Cell Panel, Chemical Titration

Hydro-Static Pressure Testing Bench

Rockwell Hardness Tester

Profile Projector

Fully Equipped Quality Lab - Various Types of Instruments including Profile Projector, Hardness Tester, Various Kinds of Gauges ( Thread Rings, Thread Plug, Micrometer, Vernier Calipers, Pressure Gauge, Plain Taper Gauges, Bore Gauges, Micron Gauge (Coating Thickness Tester), Surface Finish Comparator, Micrometer Master, Slip Gauge Set, Radius Gauge Templates, Wear Check (Ring & Plug)

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