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Company Profile


Established in 1970, Ahuja Corporation Pvt. Ltd., is engaged in the design, development, and manufacturing of 'TUFIT' make premium leak-free & corrosion-free Fluid Conveyance Products.  TUFIT is India's leading brand for High-Pressure Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Fittings, Hose Assemblies, Tube Clamps & Seamless Tubes. We serve Hydraulic, Instrumentation, Alternative Fuel (such as CNG), and Pneumatic applications. TUFIT products are designed in line with international specification requirements in quality, safety, consistency and reliability. Please click here to know our complete product range.

A ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are serving Industry leading OEM’s in the field of Railway Air Brake Systems, Hydraulic Powerpacks, Alternative Fuel Systems, High-Pressure Centralized Lubrication Systems & Material Handling Equipment among others. We also undertake complete projects for supply of Fluid Conveyance Products in Pulp & Paper Mills, Sugar Mills, Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Power Plants. Please click here to know more applications and industries we serve.

Thanks to the continued patronage of our customers and our loyal workforce, we have grown from our humble beginnings to our current 10,000 sqm fully integrated facility with 3000 sqm built up area. Our list of machinery and capabilities includes CNC Turning Centers, Automats, Special Purpose Machines, Thread Rolling, Tapping Machines, Shot Blasting, In-House Tool Room, In-House CAD designing, fully equipped quality assurance testing equipment and surface coating facility (Zinc Plating, Phosphating & Electropolishing). Through a robust quality assurance system, we ensure product consistency which results in Quality Beyond Compare. Please click here to know more about our plant & machinery.

About Us

ISO Certificate - ACPL



To be the most reliable and admired brand of premium fluid conveyance products for our customers across the world



Enabling our customers to create value and innovate by providing consistently dependable fluid conveyance products and delivering an effortless procurement experience.

We believe in offering our customers unparalleled convenience, through the use of technology, offering fast delivery and a wide range of products sold at the lowest prices. 



Continuous Improvement –  We continually identify and eliminate bottlenecks by making incremental improvements in our processes and products.

Accountable – We are personally responsible for the performance of our products, and delighting our customers.

Integrity - We maintain high moral standards in all that we do. We are honest and transparent.

Infinite Game – We work towards building a strong and healthy organization that will grow for generations even at the expense of short term gains.

Empowerment -  We cultivate an entrepreneurial culture through open communication, the freedom to make mistakes, and giving responsibility and autonomy to lead.

Will to Win - We have an intense desire to succeed which we pursue with grit, relentless passion and a sense of purpose.

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