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Performance in High Pressure Application

Performance in High Pressure Applications

TUFIT fittings are proven to show no signs of cracks or damage when pressure testing at 4 times working pressure under tube burst condition.

We regularly conduct Hydro-static pressure Testing at 1.5 times working pressure to ensure TUFIT products are 100% leak free.

36 Months Guarantee (1).png

36 Months Guarantee

TUFIT offers complete peace of mind through our 36 months guarantee and premium quality products against any manufacturing defect on all our products from the date of dispatch from our factory or channel partner. 

Wide Selection of Products.png

Wide Selection of Products

Since TUFIT product range includes a large and diverse range such as Hydraulic Fittings, Seamless Tubes, Hose Assemblies and Tube Clamps. We have the capability to be your single source for fluid conveyance products.

Consistently Reliable (1).png

Consistently Reliable

We will be happy to provide Pre-Dispatch Inspection (PDI) Report and a material test certificate for all raw materials used in the manufacturing of your order, upon request with every lot.

We check the MTC of each lot of raw material received and send samples to NABL accredited lab for third party inspection. Further we, conduct ultrasonic crack testing for all raw material.

In addition to the above, we can provide on request:

    1. Guarantee Certificate
   2. Pressure Test Certificate
   3. Millipore Test Report
   4. Salt Spray Report

TUFIT Leak Free products reliably function every time and exceed performance standards. TUFIT Leak Free products can be used with complete peace of mind in high pressure applications which involve potentially dangerous and hazardous outcomes.

TUFIT products pass through multiple stages of quality checks before being dispatched to you:
1. Incoming Inspection of Raw Materials (Bar Stock, Forgings) as well as bought out products such as Rubber Seals
2. In Process Inspection on hourly basis for each machine by Quality Line Inspector
3. First Article Inspection Report whenever a new operation is being performed on the product
4. 100% Inspection of each product before material is sent to Finished Goods Store
5. Pre-Dispatch Inspection at time of dispatching

We regularly calibrate all our Instruments and gauges as per calibration plan

Experience of 50 Years (1).png

Experience of 50 years

TUFIT has been manufacturing fluid conveyance products for more than 5 decades, which means 50 years of technical know-how and experience with products in their most diverse applications. Our production facilities and equipment benefit from state of-the-art technology and a motivated team of technocrats.

System Oriented - Powered by ERP.png

System Oriented - Powered by ERP

We are a system-oriented company with sophisticated ERP software to ensure an excellent and professional pre and post-sales experience.

Premium Quality (1).png

Premium Quality

We offer interchangeability and very close dimensional tolerances of all our parts so that the end customer is able to conduct preventive and breakdown maintenance of their equipment easily. TUFIT Fittings are manufactured:


Incomplete compliance of international standards such as ISO 8434. We have the technical know-how and design capability for the same.

GO and NO GO gauges are maintained for thread and bore. We at TUFIT, have invested heavily in quality assurance equipment and each fitting is inspected 100% dimensionally and with thread and bore gauges before dispatch.

TUFIT products offer best in class Chromium Free Zinc Plating with Trivalent Passivation for C.S. products with thickness of 8-12 microns on both the outer and inner surfaces with minimum salt spray life of 248 Hours. On request we can provide plating with upto 400 hours of SST life. We get third party inspection every month from accredited lab to test the Salt Spray Life.

Export Worthy Packaging preventing dust, damage, dents and marks on surfaces with plastic end caps for male threads, bubble wrapped in corrugated box.

TUFIT offers Type-P design of Swivel coupling has a Thrust wire pin resulting in zero chances of ferrule slipping over the tube under pressure, thus the joint is positive and safe.

Where ever a Rubber at seal or a O-Ring is used in a TUFIT fitting, extra care is taken to provide a smooth seat finish without any roughness or turning lines otherwise it may damage the rubber seal or O-Ring and leakage may start after some time

All Rubber parts being used in our range of ttings have a shelf life. We not only use the best raw material for this important hydraulic part but also keep a track of its expiry date. Expired O-Ring breaks or starts leaking while doing assembly / Testing.

Every fitting / Hose is being cleaned with cleaning solvents & blow pressurized air so that dust / foreign particles or iron particles may not enter the hydraulic circuit and may not damage / block the passage of your costly hydraulic equipment.

In addition to the points mentioned above, TUFIT Stainless Steel Fittings offer the following advantages:


We do silver plating on all female threads including Nuts to prevent galling. Galling of stainless steel can result in the threads of mating parts to seize and break away under forced disassembly.

We use Viton Seals instead of NBR for all Stainless-Steel Connectors & Adaptors.

We electropolish our stainless steel parts after machining in order to remove impurities and passivate the fitting surface.

TUFIT offers a proprietary and unique design of ferrule, the heart of compression fittings that is hardened to meet world class standards and ensure leak free connections. TUFIT Progressive ring (ferrule) has two cutting edges instead of one hence biting into the tube is much better, leaving no chance of leakage even under high pressures and vibrations.

ISO 90012015 Certified (2).png

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Our business processes are certified to ISO 9001:2015. We also welcome regular inspections as part of external customer audits and certification bodies. Furthermore, our quality head and consultants routinely 

Meaningful Customer Relationships (1).pn

Meaningful Customer Relationships

We make meaningful relationships with our customers and put them first. It is not uncommon at TUFIT to go out of the way for our customers to deliver on their specific need.

Customized Solutions Prototyping (1).png

Customized Solutions/ Prototyping

Our design team is equipped with the latest 3D CAD systems and in-House tool room and carries a combined experience of 80 years enabling us to quickly understand your customized requirements and provide prototypes within days with the help of our experienced production team.

Experience of 50 Years (1).png

Customer First Approach

We stock fast moving products for you and send material as per your delivery schedules. We only charge you when material leaves our doors. -  You can agree delivery schedules with us for recurring requirements. You therefore avoid fluctuations in the material price and benefit from optimized prices for large production quantities.

We can label with customer part codes -  If required by you, we can label and package your goods in accordance with your instructions and part codes. We save your part codes in our ERP system for your convenience.

Compilation of sets - You can order the sets from TUFIT which have been packaged specifically for your application. All the TUFIT components that you need for a device are compiled in one package. You use one specific material number for this. You simplify your ordering process and warehouse management and avoid remaining stocks of component. 

We process complaints immediately, and take these seriously through an internal Corrective action preventive action methodology.

Our catalogues provide great value to your design team by offering dimension details for fitment and pressure ratings for designing the most efficient hydraulic system.

Low total cost of ownership (1).png

Low total cost of ownership

Quick Response Time (1).png

Quick Response Time

Professional Team.png

Professional Team

We are proud to have a loyal workforce, that is dedicated and committed to win. 

Fast Dispatches (1).png

Fast Dispatches

Large Inventory.png

Large Inventory

Accountability & Ownership (1).png

Accountability & Ownership

Each one of our team members takes full ownership of our product quality and customer experience.

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